Self Storage

At Your Place for Space, we’ve taken the guesswork out of selecting a storage unit. With several selections to choose from and locations all over the Treasure Coast, we are confident we can provide you with exactly what you need for your items. All storage spaces are in single story buildings with short and generous sized hallways for interior spaces.

We take pride in offering low rates to our tenants! Our large facility combined with a wide variety of units allows us to pass our low savings to you. Contact our leasing office today at 772-692-9555!

Sizing & Prices

Climate Controlled Storage

Interior Units

Hallway Access
4’x5′ $39.95
5’x5′ $47.00
4’x10′ $85.00
5’x10′ $100.00
10’x10′ $160.00
10’x14′ $195.00

Exterior Units

Drive-up Access
5’x6′ $65.00
5’x10′ $120.00
10’x10′ $175.00
10’x15′ $225.00
10’x20′ $245.00
10’x25′ $270.00
10’x30′ $290.00
20’x20′ $345.00

Mold requires moisture to grow, with an optimal growth range of between 70% and 90% relative humidity. We use A/C units to maintain approximately 65% relative humidity to stop all chances of mold growth in the building.

Ventilated Storage

Interior Units

Hallway Access
5’x10′ $85.00
10’x10′ $125.00

Exterior Units

Drive-up Access
5’x10′ $100.00
10’x10′ $155.00
10’x15′ $185.00
10’x20′ $225.00
10’x30′ $250.00

Large fans periodically circulate outside air to keep air movement throughout the building.

Warehouse/Vehicle Storage

Overhead Door(s)

24 Hour Access
12’x25′ 10’x10′ Overhead $255.00
12’x25′ 10’x12′ Overhead $265.00
12’x50′ 10’x10′ Overheads $500.00*
24’x25′ 10’x10′ Overheads $500.00*
600 sq ft 10’x12′ Overheads $510.00*

*2 Overhead Doors 

Gate is open from 6:30am – 6:30pm, 7 days a week. All amounts are subject to Florida sales tax and prices are subject to change.


Available at the following locations


Helpful Tips & Sizing Ideas

  • Using stackable boxes or containers will get you the most storage for your money, as all of our ceilings are at least 8’ high.
  • 4’x5’ or 5’x5’ Units are the size of a closet, good for boxes, small pieces of furniture, & decorations.
  • 5’x10’ Units are the size of a deep closet, good for 1 or 2 small rooms of furniture.
  • 10’x10’ Units are the size of a small bedroom and will fit the contents of a 1- or 2-bedroom home.
  • 10’x20’ Units are the size of a small garage and will fit the contents of a 2-bedroom home or small car.
  • 10’x30’ or 12’x25’ Units are the size of a large garage and will fit an automobile with additional storage space, or it will fit the contents of a 3-to-4-bedroom home.
Need help finding your perfect space? Call us at 772-692-9555